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Did you see me on Channel 4’s ‘Celebrity Come Dine With Me’  last month?

If not, then you missed a treat, because my guests in the opening  programme at George Hall  (followed by dinners at their homes  during the week) were: Chantelle Houghton from ‘Big Brother’ and the latest girlfriend of Jordan’s ex boyfriend Alex Reid (at least she was when this went to press!); Andrew Stone, one of the ‘stars’ of Sky 1’s ‘Pineapple Studios’;  Cleo Rocos, the Brazilian beauty from Rio who found fame in the Kenny Everett Show (mainly for flashing her boobs!) and Pete Burns, the bloke with the big lips who founded the band ‘Dead or Alive’ and says he’s had so much plastic surgery that his face might fall off one day!

I’v e still got chronic indigestion after that week and  can’t make up my mind whether it’s from the food or from the company (at least some of the company)! 

Celebrities?  I was the only one I recognised (and Marie said the same!).

Anyway, I didn’t agree with the eventual winners because they had help with the cooking, which really isn’t very fair because my grub was all my own work, and yet I only managed third place! 

No sour grapes (get it?)  but I thought the programme was supposed to be ‘Come Dine With Me’ not ‘Come and Have A Meal With Me That Someone Else Has Helped Cook’!

What a mouthful and what a con!

My food was all my own work and I got my Wok out (a very big one)  and cooked a Chinese Banquet for the ‘celebs’ which they all seemed to enjoy.  I  even fed the whole crew (they were in George Hall from 7PM to 2AM) which apparently is something that no one has ever bothered to do for them before. 

It turned out to be just like one of those Chinese ‘eat as much as you can’ buffets! And they didn’t leave so much as a beansprout!

Anyway, the whole week turned out to be quite an experience and despite a few personality clashed I had lots of fun (at George Hall at least).

Incidentally, before the programme went out the Mail On Sunday devoted a whole page to George Hall and gave the false impression that me and Marie were going to pull up sticks and ‘downsize’ to a bungalow!

Newspapers (especially that one) never get things right, and even though George Hall has been valued at £3 million plus, we have no intention of moving YET!  Mind you, if someone made us a good offer we might think about it!

Me and Marie had a lovely time down in Selsey for the England Darts Organisation England Classic at the fantastic Bunn Leisure caravan park on the Sussex coast......and the weather couldn’t have been better as October opened with temperatures of 30 degrees!

Not ideal for darts, but perfect for sunbathing!

My Richard did OK in the Singles and I had some fun in the Pairs with him and the Mixed Triples with Richard and Trina Gulliver.  We called our team ‘that will take some licking’! and I really don’t know why we didn’t win with such a powerful threesome.  I must have been the handicap!!

The darts was good all weekend and you couldn’t fault the Bunn Leisure park or the caravans. We even had a flat screen telly and an en-suite bedroom. 

Richard’s pal Jamie Robinson got to the Men’s Singles final (beating Richard on the way) but had to put up with the runner-up spot as Stephen Bunting took the title for the second year in succession and a very tasty £2,500.

Players don’t come much nicer (or politer) than young Stephen and over quite a few years now he has proven to be a top player.

If he was outstanding for the men, then Julie Gore was awesome for the ladies.  She played brilliant darts all weekend with averages that most men would can only envy.  She was unstoppable in her final with the lovely Lorraine Farlam and took the title with a 4-0 scoreline.

Mind you, Lorraine also played extremely well and her darts ‘partnership’ with Dean Winstanley has to be the most successful in darts.  She was runner-up in the Women’s Singles, Dean was runner-up in the Men’s Pairs, but it was left to Lorraine’s 15 year-old daughter, Josie Patterson, to show the winning way by taking the Girls Singles title in an impressive 3-0 victory over Tasha Borton.

What you might call ‘Happy Families’!

I must also mention two very promising teenagers in the Boys Final: Jack Tweddell and Thomas Chant. They towered over compere Little Richard (not very difficult) and produced darts that belied their age. Thomas took the title with a 3-0 victory, but the scoreline doesn’t tell the full story because they both played extremely well.

What a future our darts has with kids like this!  Brilliant!!

It was my pleasure to present all the Singles trophies and cheques with Bunn Leisure’s manager Peter Treagust, and my thanks go to the EDO for putting on a fabulous weekend of darts and sunshine, and to Peter and all his staff at Bunn Leisure’s West Sands Park  for making us all so very welcome.

After such a great weekend of darts and fun, I reckon we should re-name the EDO the Excellent Darts Organisation!







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