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It was great to see Ray Stubbs back in BDO darts when he hosted ESPN’s coverage of  last month’s  excellent Winmau World Masters.

Both he and ESPN made a very good job of it.

Me?  I wasn’t there,  because  I had another  engagement with a group of  ‘Celebs’ for a ‘Come Dine With Me Celebrity Special’ which goes out on Channel 4 from October 10th to 14th. It also clashed with an invitation to the Circus Tavern, where I was going to present the trophies in a few head-to-head games organised by Peter Roue of the Circus Tavern.  Adams just beat Lewis  13-12!

Anyway, I had ‘fun’ doing ‘Come Dine With Me’ and I promise that it’s one not to be missed.  A sort of early Halloween with bitches instead of witches!

It should have been re-named ‘Come WHINE With Me!’

The series of programmes starts at George Hall, where I welcome my dinner guests with a famous Bobby George Chinese Banquet, prepared and cooked with my own fair hands and in my own Wok!  Have Wok will travel!

I even cooked for the whole crew (something they said had never happened before).   I started filming at 8am and finished at 3am the next morning!

That was my night and I really enjoyed it. However, I soon found out that cooking your own grub was a rare event on this Celebrity Come Dine With Me Special.

My guests in that first programme on October 10th (followed by dinners at their homes  during the week) are: Chantelle Houghton, famous for being on ‘Big Brother’ and as the latest girlfriend of Jordan’s ex boyfriend Alex Reid;  Andrew Stone, one of the ‘stars’ of Sky 1’s ‘Pineapple Studios’;  Cleo Rocos, the Brazilian beauty from Rio who found fame in the Kenny Everett Show (mainly for flashing her boobs!) and Pete Burns, the bloke with the big lips who founded the band ‘Dead or Alive’ and says he’s had so much plastic surgery that his face might fall off one day!

I think it was only me who cooked  without any ‘assistance’.  A bit like playing darts and having someone else throwing them for you! 

Don’t forget to watch it all on Channel 4 from Monday, October 10th to Friday, October 14th, but don’t do it while you’re eating your dinner!!

Some of it could be ‘throw-up’ TV!!!!

On the subject of food, my son Richie is still showing he’s a chip (get it?) off  the old man’s block by winning the recent Colchester Open in a close fought 5-4 final against another Richard – Richard Howson – who showed what a good player he is by reaching the Last 24 of this year’s Winmau World Masters.

That was yet another close game in which he was beaten 3-2 by Andrew Gilding, who Richard also beat on his way to that Colchester title (as well as Peter Wright). Andrew got to the Last 16 televised stage only to lose to ‘Big Robbo’  Gary Robson.

My boy did me proud by taking out so many well-known players so I’ll keep nagging him to play more competitive darts in the future.

I was a guest at the first ever inter-agency darts competition organised by Campaign (the magazine for the Advertising and PR world) and held at Rileys in London’s Victoria – a very nice venue.

A smashing group of teams from some of London’s biggest advertising agencies took part, and all of them told me that they love goingto Lakeside every year. In all there were 16 teams comprising some of the brightest talents (men and women) in advertising and PR, which just goes to prove that darts has no class or cultural barriers.  It is just played and enjoyed by most people.
The whole ‘Championship’ was sponsored by Campaign and the Plate tournament
was sponsored by recruitment company Copper.
Of course, I was there to provide ‘expert advice’ and the free drinks helped to grease the elbows of those not used to throwing so many darts in one night! The standard of play improved throughout the night and, in a tense final, DLKW Lowe met a youthful team from Archibald Ingall Stretton and it was DLKW Lowe who emerged triumphant (see photo).

The night produced some good darts, but the real winner was the fun and camaraderie produced by all the teams.

What you might call a good advertisement (get it?) for darts!

Had a good night in Biggleswade organised by my little Richard Ashdown who was also MC for the evening with Martin Adams, Eric Bristow and Dennis Priestley who I now call ‘Undercoat’ because he plays so slow that it is like watching paint dry!  Only joking Dennis!!







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