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October 2007:

Darts is back on ITV, or to be more precise I am back on ITV in a new series I have mentioned in this column before - ‘Don’t Call Me Stupid’ - which is going out in the primetime slot of 10PM on ITV-1 every Tuesday (it started last month).

Make sure that you watch my half-hour show with the bubbly and very blonde Vanessa Feltz on October 9th.

You’ll be impressed – not with her, but with me!

There won’t be a dartboard in sight, but I will be representing our sport (and myself) by being on the show as a ‘celebrity’ and amazing everyone (hopefully) with my new found knowledge of saucy English writer Geoffrey Chaucer!

Honest! It might seem improbable to some of you out there (Check! Make that most of you out there!!) but I did so much research on Geoffrey that I reckon I could get an A Level GCE pass (with star!) on the subject of Chaucer.

Cancel that! I did so much swotting that I now know enough about Chaucer and his ‘Canterbury Tales’ that I would probably get a degree and an invite to appear on BBC’s ‘Mastermind’!!

How about calling me The Hon Dr.Bobby George, Bsc (with bling and darts)!

The idea of ‘Don’t Call Me Stupid’ is for me to become a Chaucer expert, while Vanessa Feltz, tries to become an expert on fishing (darts would have been too obvious).

Which one of us is out of our depth? (Clever, eh?). Am I saucier than Chaucer, or has Vanessa had her fish and chips? You’ll have to watch it and find out!

It was probably one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, but without giving anything away, I don’t think anyone will be able to call me stupid after watching the show.

Believe me, it is a unique head-to-head challenge that is well worth watching.

The series features among others, controversial politician George Galloway (who had to learn about equestrian horse riding!), Germaine Greer, who had to burn her bra to do car mechanics, and poor old Phil Tufnell, who was landed with 16th/17th century art.

Serves him right for doing so badly in Showbiz Darts!!


Good news for BDO players is that there’s lots more bees and honey (money) available in the next 12 months without it having to cost lots of bees and honey in big entry fees!

Take the Winmau World Masters next month (November). Prize money has been increased by a massive 100% to £60,000 for the weekend finals on the 17th and 18th.

Now that’s what I call serious bees and honey!!

I’ll be there doing live BBC coverage with Ray Stubbs, but I’ll also be playing (on the Friday at least!) – and with a Men’s Masters prize of £25,000 for two days work, I reckon I should start practicing now!

Marie has already reminded me that I reached the last 16 in 2005 and she will make sure that I take it even more seriously this year – she might even nag me! Never!!

What a nice problem it would be to be presenting the Masters for the Beeb and playing in the televised finals at the same time. Marie always says that I’m good at doing two things at once – whatever does she mean?

Well done to Winmau, JJB Sports, the BDO and the good people of Bridlington for making the 2007 Masters a luvverly, jubberly, bees and honey weekend!


There’s also more prize money on the way from the England Darts Organisation (EDO). They announced the 2008 England Open recently with a prize pot of over £15,000, and now they’ve just found a new venue in Sunderland for the 2008 England Masters next May (23rd to 26th) – which will have a very tasty prize fund of £25,000!

They are both new/old events if you know what I mean? After this year they move from BDO to EDO control.

Not that any tournaments have been lost to the players! No way!! The BDO will continue with their events under different titles, so it means that the two EDO tournaments are valuable additions to the playing calendar – injecting another £40,000 plus into the available prize money to BDO players in 2008.

Best wishes to the England team in this month’s WDF World Cup in Holland. Martin Adams and the boys are keen to get the title back after the Dutch ‘nicked’ it in Australia two years ago, while Trina Gulliver wants to make it a hat-trick for the ladies.

Good luck to them all!


I’ve just played to a packed and very enthusiastic Circus Tavern audience with ‘The Legends’ tour, and the good news is that we’ll be back in December to fill it all over again!

Me, Cliff Lazarenko, Keith Deller and Eric Bristow (I wasn’t the youngest, but I was certainly the slimmest and best looking of the bunch!) had a great night of fun darts with something like 700 enthusiastic darts ‘nuts’ in the audience!

What made it extra special was that we each donated a set of our darts and collectively they raised an incredible £1700 for Variety Club Sunshine Coaches.

They do love their darts at the Circus, and what a generous bunch they are.


Coincidentally, the venue for the EDO’s England Masters is ‘My Legends’, which I am told is Sunderland’s first sports bar and venue.

It’s already hosted snooker ‘greats’ like my old mate Jimmy White and Steve Davis, as well as plenty of Sunderland’s football heroes, so darts will go down well.

For more information on the EDO and these events, plus lots more, take a butcher’s at the website:


Back in June I mentioned that I was involved in a campaign called ‘What Raises Yours’ which, though it sounds more saucy than Chaucer, is actually drawing attention to all the health problems caused by high blood pressure.

Well, I recently launched this on behalf of Guy’s and St.Thomas’ charity (see photo) and I hope it helps everyone – especially darts players and officials – to keep their blood pressure under control.


Must congratulate the BDO on their new website. What a difference it is to the old one! It’s like comparing a Model T Ford to an Aston Martin!

Good things are happening in the BDO at the moment and it’s all for the benefit of the players and the overall sport of darts.


I’m off to Cyprus for a rare holiday this month, and it’s all to do with a certain very special person who has hit the big bullseye!

No, it’s not me. I haven’t got there yet (not in my head at least), it’s the beautiful Marie who doesn’t look a day over 25 (well, that’s what she’s told me to say!).

My thanks go to the BDO and BBC for moving the World Masters to November just so that I can take Marie on her birthday bash to Cyprus this month (well, that’s what I’ve told her anyway!!)

Seriously, happy birthday Doll………let’s celebrate in Cyprus with lots of sun,sand and (at my age and yours)…more bloody sun and sand!


Happy birthday, Marie.

My ‘Player Of The Month’ (or should that be year?) has to be Gary Anderson after his marvellous victory in last month’s World Darts Trophy. I’ve always tipped him as a great player, but until very recently he didn’t seem able to take his ‘A’ game from the floor (where he is virtually unbeatable) to the big stage.

This year he’s cracked it! He’s won the Scottish Open, the International Darts League (in which he was the only player not to have lost a game) and now the World Darts Trophy.

And he did so in style by beating the man they call the ‘Guv’nor’. To me it proves what I have always said: Darts is on the day’!.

By the way, he learned that double-double top finish from me - almost!
I played him in an exhibition once and went for that very shot and missed! The cheeky so-and-so then stepped up and hit double-double 5!




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